Feel Refreshed With Illumi Facial

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Feel Refreshed With Illumi Facial

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The Next Generation Of Photofacial Treatments

Illumi Facial is the “Next Generation” of the highly-successful “Photofacial” treatments, which uses a new and unique combination of specialist Lynton Skincare, together with powerful, medical-grade Lynton IPL technology. It is designed to stimulate the production of collagen, leaving your skin firmer, smoother and glowing.

Why Illumi Facial?

This is a non-invasive treatment that is ideal for anyone whose skin experiences congestion, discolouration and visible signs of ageing. Not only does it hydrate and reduce your breakouts, but it also reduces your wrinkles and leaves your complexion feeling soft and smooth. It’s the perfect confidence boost you need, whether you’re going out to a party or simply want to pamper yourself.  

Please note that a full consultation will be conducted to determine your suitability for this treatment.


*Results After First Treatment

How does the treatment work?

  1. Cleanse

The first step in achieving clear, healthy and radiant skin involves a deep cleanse. Your Illumi Facial Practitioner will use a specialist formulation to remove any impurities.

  1. Tri-Fruit Acid Peel

Following the deep cleanse, a unique Tri-Fruit Acid Lynton Fruit Peel will be applied to your skin, from any where between 3-10 minutes. This peel resurfaces your skin texture, decongests pores and primes the skin ready for Stage 3.

  1. Lynton IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Post fruit peel, your skin will be at its optimum condition for the application of the award-winning, Lynton Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. This works by both stimulating the collagen and targeting any discolouration on your skin, e.g. freckles, pigmentation, vascular breakouts, redness, etc. In most cases, the results are instant, providing you with dramatically clearer and firmer skin.

  1. Hydrate & Protect

To help maximise the results of your Illumi Facial Treatment, a trio of specialist serums will be applied to your skin post IPL, helping to soothe, regenerate and protect your skin.

How does the treatment feel?

The treatment is designed to feel comfortable on your skin. It’s not uncommon for people to experience a tingling or prickling feeling, when the fruit peel is applied to their skin. Your skin may feel warm too.

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If you’ve not had an aesthetic treatment done before, we highly recommend that you read our FAQs. We will always conduct a consultation to determine whether or not you are suitable for these treatments. Your health is our upmost importance. 

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